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Braun PurEase Water Kettle

Braun Water kettles

Fast and reliable with a unique design.

It is a black-and-white decision:

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Breakfast1 Water Kettle WK 1100 White

WK 1100WH


The Rapid Boil System needs only 35 seconds for a cup of tea.

Bring water to the boil really fast: The WK 500 water kettle needs only 35 seconds to boil 200 ml, the WK 300 / WK 600 need 45 seconds.


Pouring in is as easy as pouring out thanks to our easy pouring system.


Smart design. Convenient handling.

The on/off switch and button for opening the lid are easy to reach. The Braun Water kettle is also designed for both right- and left-handers. It has two symmetrical water level indicators and the jug can be placed on the base element from any angle.


Because boiling water is essential.

If you counted you would probably be surprised how often you need boiling or hot water in your kitchen. That’s why you need an electric kettle from Braun. It is engineered to last for many years and reliably performs day after day.

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Less food waste.