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PureFlavor Coffee Maker KF5650BK

89,95 $

Product description

What’s in the box

PureFlavor KF5650 BK with glass carafe

PureFlavor KF5650 BK with glass carafe

14 cup FlavorCarafe

14 cup FlavorCarafe

Charcoal Filter

Charcoal Filter

Goldtone Filter

Goldtone Filter


14 cup FlavorCarafe

Stainless steel accented, uniquely designed 14 cups carafe ensures coffee stays warmer for longer.

BrewChoice Plus Brew Strength Selector

Choose from four brewing options that best fits your needs: Fast, regular bold or over ice.

PureFlavor Technology

Braun's PureFlavor Technology always delivers high brewing temperature, consistent coffee extraction and optimal brewing time for a great cup of coffee.

SteadyTemp Warming Plate

Select your keep warm temperature low, medium or high for extra hot coffee up to 4 hours.

FastBrew System

Thanks to the FastBrew System, you can get your coffee up to 20% faster*.

Brew over-ice

Optimized brewing process delivering intense coffee flavor that won't taste watered down over ice.


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  • Features

    • OptiBrew System: Yes
    • Programmable timer: 24 h
    • Brewing System: PureFlavor
    • Programmable 24 hour timer: Yes
    • Auto shut-off: Yes
    • Coffee strength selector: Yes
    • Descale warning: Yes
    • Capacity: 14 cups
    • Carafe Type: FlavorCarafe
    • Filter basket: Removable filter basket
    • 1-4 cup button: No
    • Drip-stop: Yes
    • Water filtration system: Yes
    • Zero watt power consumption in off mode: No
    • Water level indicator: Yes
    • Water filter included: Yes
    • Brewed over-ice coffee: Yes
  • Specifications

    • Wattage: 1200
    • Clock: Yes
    • Colour: Black / Stainless steel
    • Display: LED Touch
    • Cord storage: Yes
    • Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
    • BPA free food contact parts: Yes
    • Control panel: Touch
    • Easy clean design: Yes
    • Anti-slip handle for easy and convenient pouring: No
    • Illuminated buttons: Yes
    • Easy pouring: Yes


  • How do I descale my Braun BrewFlavor?

    When the "CLEAN" icon is lit, it indicates it is time to descale the machine.
    Remove the filter basket and the water filter.
    Fill the water tank with 7 cups of fresh water,  pour in the descaling solution (3.4 oz / 100 mL), turn the dial to "BREW", and press the "CLEAN" button.
    The "CLEAN" icon will start to flash indicating the descaling process has started.
    After 15 minutes the "CLEAN" light will start flashing faster.
    Then, empty the carafe and refill will 14 cups of fresh water,  pour into the watertank of the machine,  and press "SET" to start the rinsing process.
    After descale and rinsing is completed, it is suggested to run two full brewing cycles of fresh water without coffee to completely remove any residual solution.  

  • How do I change the keep warming plate temperature on my Braun BrewFlavor?

    The keep warming temperature has three different settings: HIGH, MED, and LOW.
    To change the temperature, make sure the unit is ON.
    Turn the dial to "TEMP", the three settings will start to flash.
    Use the "SET" button to select the desired settings.
    The default setting is set to Medium.

  • How do I brew "Over Ice" on my Braun BrewFlavor?

    To make an over ice drink you need to use double the coffee grounds than you normally use.
    Fill the unit with 7 cups of water  and fill the carafe with ice cubes to  the marking on the carafe.
    Turn ON the unit and turn the dial to "Brew" than press the "Over Ice" button and select "Fast".
    The amount of water, coffee grounds, and ice cube could be adjusted based on your taste.
    Keep in mind the ice cube will melt so do not overfill the unit with too much water.
    Never add ice cubes inside the water tank of the machine.

  • Why do I hear the acoustic signal that my brewing is finished, but it is still brewing?

    The acoustic signal will indicate when the brewing cycle is finished. If you hear it before the unit is finished, it may mean there is calcium build up in the unit and it requires to be descaled.

  • What does the error codes E01, E02, E03 mean on my drip coffee maker display?

    If your unit is displaying E01, E02, or E03 error codes , unit needs to be repaired, please contact our Braun call center at 1 (888) 977-3578.  Our representatives are available: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm (ET) Monday through Friday and Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (ET).

PureFlavor Coffee Maker KF5650BK
89,95 $