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  1. ID Breakfast Collection Kettles
  2. IDCollection Water kettle WK 5115 White
ID Breakfast Collection

IDCollection Water kettle WK 5115 White


Product description

The new ID Breakfast kettle lets you customize your favourite beverages to make the most of every morning! Its 5 temperature settings let you bring out the full flavour of your favourite teas. Enjoy convenient features like a keep warm function and descale warning as well as Braun’s rapid boil system.


Rapid boil system

Fast, easy and convenient. Braun´s rapid boil system boils water in 35 - 45 seconds*. Enjoy the combination of elegance Braun design and high performance boiling. (* 200 ml in 35 seconds for 3000 W version, 200 ml in 45 seconds for 2200 W version.)

Rapid boil system

5 temperature settings

Bring out the full flavour of your favourite teas with 5 settings that let you select the ideal temperature for optimal brewing. Enjoy perfect preparation of a wide range of delicious teas from hearty black breakfast blends to delicate green and white teas, all the way to oolong tea or even warmed-up baby food. Make the most of every morning.

5 temperature settings

Keep warm function

When activated, this function conveniently keeps the water at your selected temperature for up to 30 minutes. Perfect if you have to leave the kitchen for a few minutes or jump in the shower before making your tea.

Keep warm function


One-cup indicator

To heat as little as one cup’s worth at a time, saving energy and water.

Anti-scale filter

Removable and washable,for a great cup of tea at all times

5 Temperature setting

Bring out the full flavour of your favourite teas with temperature control customization by making use of the 5 temperature settings.

Keep warm function

When activated,this function conveniently keeps the water at your selected temperature for up to 30 minutes.

4-way protection

Stability granted even at 10° inclination, safe to touch housing, double safety protection on heating element to cut power in case of electrical accident, 1min auto shut off.

Descale warning

Automatically reminds you when descaling is needed, to ensure long-lasting product performance.

Double-sided rear water window

Water window is conveniently located on each side, closed to the handle, to grant visibility at all time.

Practical flip lid

Lid can be opened immediately with just one touch, allowing also high opening angle.

Soft-touch open handle

For easy grip and comfortable handling even when the kettle is fully filled.

Double filling system

To fill water from the wide spout or by opening the flip lid.

Rapid boil system

Get your water boiled in only 35 seconds (*200 ml).


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  • Specifications

    • Wattage: 3000
    • Capacity: 1.7 l
    • BPA free food contact parts: Yes
    • Housing: Plastic
    • Integrated power cord storage: Yes
    • Colour: StainlessSteelWhite
  • Features

    • Handle: Open
    • Safety / protection: Four-way
    • Lid: Flip lid
    • Easy filling system: Yes
    • Rapid boil system: Yes
    • Anti-scale filter: Yes
    • Water window: Yes
    • 360° base: Yes
    • Descale warning: Yes
    • Temperature control: 5 temperatures (40°, 70°, 80°, 90°, 100°)
    • Keep warm function: Yes
    • 1-cup indication: Yes
    • Acoustic ready signal: Yes
IDCollection Water kettle WK 5115 White