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MultiGrill 9 Pro

Braun’s best performing. For professional grilling results.

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Grilling delicious meat with Braun MultiGrill 9 Pro contact grill
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MultiGrill 9 & 9 Pro

For professional grilling results.

Braun MultiGrill 9 & 9 Pro

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Grilling vegetables and meat directly at the table with Braun MulziGrill 9 Pro

Discover why Braun's MultiGrill 9 and 9 Pro extend the versatility of grilling to the maximum

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Grilling vegetables and meat directly at the table with Braun MulziGrill 9 Pro
Integrated, single degree thermoprobe

No more dry and chewy steaks. Instead, cook delicious, tender pieces of meat precisely to your liking, with professional grilling results. Simply insert the thermoprobe into the piece of meat and connect it to the MultiGrill 9 Pro, the display will automatically switch from the timer mode to the temperature of the probe.

Faster heating, thanks to embedded heating elements

The MultiGrill’s unique construction transfers the heat directly to the die cast plates for faster and consistent heating. Even though the heating elements are embedded directly into the plates, you can safely put them in the dishwasher after finished cooking.

2 individual plates, 2 individual temperatures

Want to simultaneously cook different foods at two different temperatures? Add some extra crunch to your bruschetta without buring the bottom? The two independent thermostats let you precisely regulate the temperature of each plate separately.

Sear function - amplify savoury flavour

Press the sear button for an extra boost of power, sending the grill to 250/265 °C* for a few minutes to form a rich brown crust. After searing, the appliance regulates the temperature to the originally set value.

3-in-1 cooking positions.

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and experiment with endless cooking possibilities for every meal.

Contact position

Gently presses your food between the plates to minimise cooking time and evenly spread mouth-watering grilled flavour on both sides of your food. This position is ideal for hamburgers, deboned meat, vegetables and sandwiches.

Braun MultiGrill 9 - Contact position

Oven position

There's also the oven position, for grilling delicate food from both sides without upper plate contact - perfect for fish, bruschetta, or pizza slices.

Braun MultiGrill 9 - Oven position

Open position

Use the open position and you'll get that BBQ flair with two open cooking surfaces for maximum versatility. Flip your steaks on one side and roast your vegetables on the other.

Braun MultiGrill 9 - Open position
Braun MultiGrill 9 with integrated thermoprobe

Integrated thermoprobe for perfectly done meat and fish.

Your favourite meat, done exactly the way you love it. Thanks to the single degree precision of the thermoprobe, all you have to do for professional grilling results is insert the sensor into the centre of your food and connect it to the MultiGrill. The display will automatically switch from the timer mode to the temperature of the probe. You can also set the target temperature by pressing the + and - buttons and leave the probe directly inside the food while cooking. Once the chosen temperature has been reached, the appliance will alert you with an acoustic signal. Enjoy your favourite meat grilled to perfection from rare to well done - and discover a new level of cooking
Braun MultiGrill 9 with Embedded heating elements

Embedded heating elements for fast heating and good performance.

Braun's MultiGrill 9 and 9 Pro take performance to a whole new level thanks to their die cast plates with embedded heating elements. In this case, the heating cables are incorporated directly into the plates, whereas in traditional contact grill appliances, those elements sit detached from the plates but on the grill station. Braun's MultiGrill 9 and 9 Pro unique construction transfers the heat directly to the plates for faster and consistent heating. The plates are also safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Enjoy the versatility.

Choose from three types of plates. No matter if breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks - the Braun MultiGrill 9 range can do it all.

Braun MultiGrill 9 - Ribbed grill plates

Ribbed grill plate

Get creative and add the typical BBQ flavour to your meal. The ribbed grill plates are perfect for succulent traditional steaks, juicy hamburgers, chicken, fish, grilled vegetables or maybe even fancy pineapple slices - and of course, for adding the perfect crunch to any type of sandwich.
Braun MultiGrill 9 - Griddle plates

Griddle plate

If you have a sweet tooth, the flat griddle plate is ideal for delicious pancakes and roasted fruits. If you like it salty and hearty, it is your perfect match for fried eggs, cheese, veggies and delicate fish.
Braun MultiGrill 9 - Rim waffle plates

Rim waffle plates

If fluffy home-made waffles are your thing, you'll love the high rim waffle plates to satisfy your sweet cravings. The specially designed grooves ensure that the dough doesn't leak during cooking so your kitchen stays nice and clean.
Braun MultiGrill 9 with two independent electronic temperature controls

Two independent electronic temperature controls.

Extreme precision and great versatility right at your fingertips. The two independent electronic thermostats let you precisely regulate the temperature of each plate separately so you can simultaneously cook two types of food at two temperatures. For example, you can sear a succulent steak on the one plate and grill yummy vegetables at a lower temperature on the other. All at the same time for fast and balanced meals without having to wait for one ingredient to finish.
Braun MultiGrill 9 with 3 automatic cooking functions for your conveniance

3 automatic cooking functions for your convenience.

Three automatic programs make it easy to grill crowd-pleasing favourites to perfection. The panini function is ideal for toasting bread on the outside and heating the inside of a sandwich, while the hamburger function allows you to grill the perfect burger. Their pre- set default times and temperatures deliver carefree mouth-watering results. And if in the end, the food is done before your guests are ready to eat, the keep warm function will make sure that the temperature is held automatically at 60 °C to keep your food nice and warm until serving.
Braun MultiGrill 9 in use

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