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Braun MultiMix 5 hand mixer

Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer

For up to 40% less effort while mixing.*

* Mixing cake batter, internal test Braun vs. leading competitors.

The variety of simple baking:


Places the weight in the bowl, not in your hand.

SmartMix technology: The clever ergonomic design places the centre of gravity directly over the bowl – assisting you while mixing since the weight is directed into the bowl and not in your hand: for up to 40% less effort while mixing*, regardless of dough consistency – even with thick or stiff dough.
* Mixing cake batter, internal test Braun vs. leading competitors.

For maximum precision and hasslefree mixing.

VarioControl Technology: With 9 speeds to choose from – and turbo for the toughest jobs – a simple twist of the speed dial with your thumb is all it takes to seamlessly find exactly the speed you need to fine-tune your mixing results.

Elegant and hygienic in one.

The seamless and sleek design makes cleaning quick and easy. Resulting in more hygienic and long-lasting performance, since there are simply no ventilation slots to let anything get inside the housing.

50% more power for all your baking needs.*

In spite of its compact design, the new MultiMix 5 Hand mixer contains a very powerful 750 W motor for even more baking creativity.
​​​​​​​*compared to MultiMix 3

Clever convenience with any attachment for all desires.

The MultiMix 5 is always held in the same comfortable position thanks to the convenient and quick fastening of all attachments to the front. The appliance stands stably, regardless of the attachment being used, for breaks in between, so your workflow is not interrupted and your work area stays clean. And, no matter which attachment you choose, you still have the full range of variable speeds at your disposal – a huge advantage over competing mixers.



Whip it. Beat it. Mix it.

Get your results fast and easy – no matter if whipping cream, beating egg-whites, mixing cakes, muffins or homemade desserts.

Kneading hooks

The easiest way to perfect dough.

Our dough hooks are perfectly suited for kneading, making shortbreads and pastries, any kind of bread or pasta dough, as well as being an ideal helper for crumbles, etc.


How about a delicious topping for your cake?

The blender comes with a 600 ml plastic beaker that is BPA-free and features ml as well as fl oz measurement markings. Expand your baking repertoire by preparing ice creams, creating fruit toppings, sauces or fillings for cakes, parfaits and muffins, jams, marmalades, fruit purées, etc.


The perfect baking helper.

Chop nuts, dried and fresh fruits or chocolate. Crush cookies for a cake base, carrots for carrot cake or other vegetables.

A smooth combination of design and quality.

For Braun, design means more than just good looks. Design means engineering tools for easy, intuitively use with perfect results. Day after day, for years to come.
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  • Designed in Germany

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