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Braun Multiquick 9x hand blenders in use

Braun MultiQuick

The world's largest attachment system* for unlimited versatility.

Braun MultiQuick 9X Hand blender
*comparative analysis on number of hand blenders' accessories marketed by competitors - sales 1st half year 2021

Braun MultiQuick System.

Choose your hand blender motor unit and a variety of innovative attachments.

MultiQuick 9

All this. And more. With the world´s largest attachement system. 


MultiQuick 7

Faster and stronger. For food they love.

Braun Multiquick 7 hand blender

MultiQuick 7

Ultimately intuitive. Up to 50% faster.

Braun MultiQuick 7X

MultiQuick 5 Vario

Smart elegance for your unmistakable way of cooking.

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ 5277

MultiQuick 5 Vario Fit

Stay fit. Eat healthy.

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Fit hand blender

MultiQuick 5

Lighter. Handier. Easier.

Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender

MultiQuick 5 Baby

Homemade is always the healthier choice.

Braun MultiQuick 5 Baby hand blender

Multiquick 3 Vario

Efficient blending. Maximum precision.

Braun Multiquick 3 Vario hand blender

MultiQuick 3

Fast and efficient blending.

Braun Multiquick 3 hand blender

MultiQuick 2

Up to 2 times finer results

Braun Multiquick 2 hand blender

MultiQuick 1

Discover easy blending.

Braun Multiquick 1 hand blender

Attachments & accessories

Accessories to multiply the possibilities.

Braun Hand blender Attachments & accessories

Not sure which model suits you best?

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Braun MultiQuick-9X – World's largest attachment system
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Braun MultiQuick The no. 1 hand blender brand.

The no. 1 hand blender brand.* Designed for what matters.

Our 4 keys to success: Versatility, Design, Quality and Innovation. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to cook even the most complex meal from scratch with our MultiQuick System – there are no limits. The Braun MultiQuick System offers a wide range of motor units with various power capacities, control options and possible attachments. What MultiQuick System type are you? 

*Source: Independent Research Institute, Value Sales Leader, Full Year 2019 in 46 countries

Do it all with the world’s largest attachment system*.

One hand blender motor unit and an amazing range of innovative attachments, for unlimited versatility. It combines numerous kitchen appliances into one innovative solution.
*comparative analysis on number of hand blenders' accessories marketed by competitors - sales 1st half year 2021

Blending Shaft Recipe Media

The easy way to creamy perfection.
Blend even the hardest foods thanks to the world's first ActiveBlade Technology.

Blender Recipe Media

Chopping, blending and ice-crushing.
Perfect for blending smooth shakes and drinks or crushing ice easily.

Chopper Recipe Media

Chopper 500ml and 350ml
Chops & minces anything in just seconds. Cheese, nuts, herbs - you name it.

Double Beater Recipe Media

Just beat it!
Replace your traditional hand mixer with this clever new MultiQuick System attachment.

Food Processor Recipe Media

The ultimate all-in-one attachment.
Chop, blend, knead, slice, shred, dice - all in a 2L bowl.

Puree Recipe Media

Mashing & puréeing
Convenient and fast preparation of perfect mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Spice Grinder Recipe Media

Freshly grinded spices - without picking up odours.
Grind your coffee beans and spices within seconds.

Whisk Recipe Media

Fluff it up.
Whip cream, beat eggs, mix cake batter or stirr Hollandaise sauce.

Top Blending Shaft Media Top Blender Media Top Chopper Media Top Double Beater Media Top Food Processor Media Top Puree Media Top Spice Grinder Media Top Whisk Media
Middle Blending Shaft Media Middle Blender Media Middle Chopper Media Middle Double Beater Media Middle Food Processor Media Middle Puree Media Middle Spice Grinder Media Middle Whisk Media
Bottom Blending Shaft Media Bottom Blender Media Bottom Chopper Media Bottom Double Beater Media Bottom Food Processor Media Bottom Puree Media Bottom Spice Grinder Media Bottom Whisk Media
Braun  MQ 9 Hand blender with ActiveBlade


World’s first ActiveBlade technology.

The unique ActiveBlades move up and down to easily blend the hardest foods with 40% less effort*. Evolved to tackle the toughest jobs, this innovative new flexible shaft results in 250% more active cutting surface to work with, which results in 2 times finer blending! That means you can get more creative.

*Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft.

More innovative features.

SplashControl technology.

Enjoy perfect results with no mess. Every Braun hand blender is equipped with the unique PowerBell blending shaft – designed with SplashControl Technology to keep you and your kitchen spotless.

Braun Hand blender SplashControl Technology

PowerBell Plus Technology.

Extra blade means extra power. This innovative additional blade delivers more cutting per rotation. Process large pieces of food with more  comfort and less effort than ever before.

Braun Hand blender PowerBell Plus technology

SmartSpeed technology.

All speeds can be select intuitively by simply squeeze one button. If you aim for coarse and roughly chopped results, push gently. For fine results,  increase the push of the button for more power.

Braun Hand blender SmartSpeed technology
Braun Forschung -  100 quality tests


Tested against the highest quality standards.

Each of the hand blender devices feature powerful, high-quality motors developed to ensure a super compact ergonomic design for single handed use, without excessive vibrations or noise – over 60 million hand blenders produced by Braun factory in the past 18 years alone.
To guarantee the high quality standards, every product is thoroughly tested: from the development phase to the end of series production, supported by over 50 years of Braun experience.

Braun Hand blender design made in Germany


Designed in Germany.

“Don’t persuade. Convince.” This Braun motto goes back to the 1950s. And Braun’s innovative, independent design has been delivering compelling arguments ever since. Our design principles and core values of functionality, clarity, longevity and timelessness can be seen in the hundreds of products Braun has already brought to market – and naturally the products we continue to create for our valued customers every day.

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Braun MultiQuick systems

Experience the versatility.

Braun Hand blenders attachments

MultiQuick 7

Replace your traditional Handmixer with this new MultiQuick attachment.

Braun MultiQuick 7

Braun MultiQuick systems

Experience the versatility.

Braun Hand blenders attachments

Braun MultiQuick systems

Experience the versatility.

Braun Hand blenders attachments

Braun MultiQuick systems

Experience the versatility.

Braun Hand blenders attachments